Largo Military Casualties Project

Memorial Day honors the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country. These courageous individuals have given everything they had to defend our freedoms and way of life. This memorial wall has been put together through collaboration between the Largo Historical Society and the City of Largo Veterans Committee. If your loved one was a City of Largo resident and lost their life while in the military, please email [email protected] .

World War I

Worth Edward Johnson
(9/12/1901 -10/9/1918) Army private, bugler.
Ralph Edward Heisler
(9/6/1896-7/28/1918)  Army private, machine gunner
Burton Elias Belcher
(9/23/1885-10/20/1918)  Navy Lt., assistant surgeon.

World War II

Henry Lester Stanfield
(12/5/1914-6/13/1942) Army Private - First Largo soldier killed in WWll.
Henry Powless
(5/27/1917-11/20/1943) United States Marine Corps.  KIA


Reid Carlton Arnold
(11/15/1947- 9/6/1967) - USMC Cpl.
Jeffery Dale Bouton
(6/8/1946-4/21/1967) - Navy PO3 
William Joseph Golden
(2/2/1935-5/10/1970) - Army Sp4
Douglas Wayne McPhee
(11/9/1940-6/17/1969) - Army Pfc 
Howard William Snitchler
(6/24/1946-4/28/1968) - Pfc Army
Stephen Fredrick Turner
(8/14/1946- 6/18-1968) - Army Sp4 
William Irvin Nelson II
Franklin Ivan Burris
(7/10/1947-8/9/1968)-USMC CPL - Purple Heart, KIA
Harry Joseph Shepherd, Jr.
(2/6/1945-11/20/1966) - USMC Sgt Purple Heart,
David Allen Stephens
(10/29/1946-6/22/1967) - Army Sgt, Purple Heart


Matthew S Sitton
(2/28/1986 -8/2/2012) - Army Staff Sgt KIA
Jonathan D. Porto
(2/26/1984-3/14/2010) - USMC  CPL
Frank Gross
(8/19/1985-7/16/2011) - Army Cpl


Louis Edward Niedermeier
(6/15/1984- 6/01/2005)  - Army Pfc 


Nick Bravo-Regules
(2000 - 6/23/2020) Army Spc

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