Greater Ridgecrest Area

As part of a city-wide initiative, the Friends of Ridgecrest invited the City of Largo and Pinellas County to participate in an informational Annexation meeting. Residents used the opportunity to ask questions to City and County staff ranging from what will happen to the Greater Ridgecrest Master Plan to how fees and taxes would change if Ridgecrest was annexed into the City. The City has put together a list of the popular questions that were asked during the meeting and our answers for informational purposes. Mayor Woody Brown prepared a letter related to the meeting with information on how to contact him and the City Commissioners.

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Why does everyone keep talking about Ridgecrest being annexed into the City of Largo?

Why does the City want to annex in this area?

Why has the City been collecting annexation agreements...but not yet annexing the properties?

If a Referendum is held, who can vote?

Has the City of Largo been involved in any planning efforts in the Ridgecrest Area?

What will happen with the Greater Ridgecrest Master Plan? Will it still be implemented?

What will happen with the YMCA?

What will happen with the redevelopment of Rainbow Village? Will there be a fixed amount of affordable housing?

How would taxes and fees differ in the City of Largo vs. Unincorporated Pinellas County?

How is the Largo City Commission structured?

Does Largo have any housing programs available to residents?

How does Largo Code Enforcement handle complaints and violations compared to Pinellas County? Is Largo's code different than the County's? 

What is in the future for the City of Largo and Greater Ridgecrest community?

How can I get connected?

What do the following terms in the Annexation Agreement mean?

Why does my Annexation Agreement have language on City sanitary sewer service if I am connected to Pinellas County sanitary sewer?