Workspace Design Philosophy

ASD│SKY and the City of Largo adopted a workspace design philosophy that works to meet the needs of team members and the community. An intentional focus was placed on sustainability, outdoor space, collaborative space, meeting room diversity,  and wellness and inclusion.

  • Bring nature indoors
  • Set the standard in the community
  • Solar array & energy reduction features 
  • Utilize natural light
  • Digital process and reduction of file storage
  • Be intentional on what moves over (files etc.)
 Outdoor Space 
  • Access on all floors to fresh air 
  • Large outdoor terrace for all team members to celebrate together
  • Florida friendly landscaping
  • Natural light on the interior
Collaborative Space
  • Space to grater and brainstorm
  • Room for future growth
  • Workspace for team members visiting City Hall
  • Reduce personal workspace allows for increased shared workspace to support flexibility
    • Reduced file storage
    • Remote work
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Coaching & personal conversations
Meeting Space
  • Diversity of sizes on all floors
  • Phone rooms to keep desk areas quieter
  • Reduce the need for private offices 
  • Diverse functional uses
  • Easy access for meetings of all types
Wellness and Inclusion
  • Space for nursing mothers
  • Space for prayer and/or meditation
  • Break areas on all floors
  • Main terrace for team celebrations
  • Advanced clean-air systems 
  • Fitness room 
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Public art features

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