Community Input

The City of Largo gathered feedback about the New City Hall project from the community during December 2020 and January 2021 to inform future planning and decision making. Individuals were invited to participate in the survey through direct emails to contact lists, social media posts, a press release, and information tables at the Community Center (paper surveys were available) and the Largo Public Library. The majority of the survey questions were optional to complete and included both close-ended and open-ended questions (i.e. each question may have a different number of respondents). In addition to the survey, community members were invited to participate in focus group webinars and comments on social media have been tracked. An executive summary of the survey findings along with key details including webinar takeaways and social media comments compiling community feedback was presented to the project team for decision making.

Key Findings:
  • Community members feel strongly that the new City Hall should:
    • have an overall welcoming atmosphere
    • be sustainable/ energy efficient
    • have outdoor green space with Florida friendly plants
    • have connections with local businesses
  • In the webinars, attendees expressed interest in meeting spaces for public use.
  • In the Facebook comments, concerns of traffic and project cost were shared. 
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