Neighborhood Grant

Sometimes a little change makes a big difference. When your neighborhood needs a small project, consider applying for a Neighborhood Project Matching Grant. The Neighborhood Project Matching Grant Program provides matching grants, of up to $3,000, to neighborhoods interested in building strong relationships around a community-driven project that supports the City’s strategic focus areas of Sustainability, Community Pride, or Public Health & Safety. Successful projects will:

  • Enlist community participation and foster a sense of community pride
  • Connect with one of the Strategic Plan focus areas
  • Result in an enhancement to the neighborhood’s identity
  • Be visible to the general public
  • Be a project that can be permitted by City regulations

The program requires a match for requested funds which can be met with volunteer hours, cash, and/or in-kind donations. Grant applications are reviewed by a 3-person staff committee and are awarded based on: 

  • Neighborhood Participation: How well does the project engage members of the neighborhood to participate?
  • Alignment with one of the three Strategic Plan focus areas: Does the project align with at least one of the City strategic plan focus areas?
  • Project Impact: Is this project likely to have a lasting impact on the neighborhood? (e.g., beautification, neighborhood unity, communal benefit or service)


Project Inspiration

Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of projects that the grant could support.

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Grant Process
Take a look at the steps of the grant process.
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