Future Planning Efforts for Largo Municipal Golf Course

Several common topics emerged as frequently asked questions (FAQs) during conversations with local stakeholders and inquiries from the general public, including customers of the golf course, business owners, and local residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is future necessary maintenance of the golf course unfunded? Is the golf course currently in a financial deficit? What have been the efforts up to this point to manage the finances?
  • The golf course is a municipal (i.e. City-operated) golf course that is financially managed as an enterprise fund. An enterprise fund is a self-supporting government fund that sells goods and services to the public for a fee.
  • The golf course has implemented a variety of programming throughout the year to reach multiple audiences and maintain finances including: leagues, youth activities, FootGolf, sponsored events, changes in food options, etc.
  • Current funding is sufficient to maintain day-to-day operations but future maintenance and capital needs are currently unfunded.
  • Future maintenance and capital needs would include green reconstruction and updates to infrastructure. Currently, there are no official plans for capital needs for the golf course and we do not have a total cost on any reconstruction at this time.
  • We do know that the golf course does not make a profit to be a self-sustaining enterprise fund which means that the City would have to commit general fund dollars for any future capital needs.
  • The City of Largo took ownership of the golf course in 1979 and the course was most recently reconstructed in 2007.
Is there a contract for the golf course that requires it to be maintained as green space?
  • There is no current contract that requires the golf course to be maintained as a green space.
  • City staff reviewed the sales agreement from 1979 and there is no stipulation in the agreement that indicates the land is required to remain green space. A related stipulation in the agreement is numbered 11.2 and states that, "Buyer represents that it will maintain the operation of the property as a golf course for a least the balance of any existing outstanding memberships sold by the seller." The City has satisfied that stipulation, and are therefor open to explore any potential future land use, including for the course to remain green space.
  • As City-owned land, the City is able to consider other land uses, however, a sale of the golf course to a private entity would require a public vote.  
Are there current plans for a developer to build on the land for residential or commercial development?
  • No, there are no current plans or contracts with any developers for this property. The future of the course is not yet determined.
  • The City has partnered with Urban Land Institute (ULI) to explore future potential uses for the Largo Municipal Golf Course including evaluating community needs and planning for the next decade. ULI professionals will explore the built and natural environment of the area and meet with stakeholders and a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to develop realistic recommendations that align with the community’s vision and needs. The panel’s recommendations and community input (golf course customers, residents, businesses, and visitors of Largo) will be evaluated by City leaders to consider all possibilities carefully.
  • Potential changes will be carefully considered, communicated, and strategically planned for 5-10 years in the future.
To what extent will the impact on property values be considered in the decision-making for future planning efforts and land use?
  • The impact on property values has been raised by some community members that have already provided input through surveys and local stakeholder conversations, and therefore will be a consideration in planning efforts alongside other feedback.

  • Outreach efforts in Spring 2020 included postcard notices of the planning efforts and opportunities to provide feedback (surveys, City contact information, public meeting notice, and webpage) to residents, property owners, and businesses within roughly 1/2 mile of the golf course.

  • We encourage all residents and visitors of Largo to share these and other impacts of future planning efforts through the available community forums. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

  • Note: The Commission Meeting which will include a summary of community input, recommendations by the Technical Assistance Panel, and opportunity for public comment was previously scheduled for August 11, and will be re-scheduled to early 2021 due to the public health crisis and impacts on public meetings.

Why is the Commission Meeting scheduled for August when many seasonal, part-time residents that enjoy the golf course may be unable to attend?

Update as of June 2020: The Commission Meeting is now re-scheduled for early 2021 and therefore will better provide the opportunity for all residents, including seasonal residents to attend or view the meeting and participate in public comment. 

The Commission Meeting was initially scheduled for August to align with both the City and ULI’s Technical Assistance Panel timeline. The City recognizes that many seasonal residents may not be in-town at this time, and therefore launched community outreach efforts much earlier, in Spring 2020—to include direct communication via postcards for all residents and property owners in close vicinity to the golf course. This communication includes how to provide individual perspectives through the customer and community surveys and City contact information. Additionally, all commission meetings are available for live viewing through Largo.com/LiveTV.

During the Commission Meeting, ULI will be providing a report based on outreach efforts and the panel’s technical review and will suggest potential uses that will inform an initial discussion during that meeting. The public will also have the opportunity to provide comments during the Commission meeting. This initial conversation will inform future discussion with City leaders. No final decisions will be made at this meeting. 

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