State Legislative Agenda

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The City of Largo's mission is to "provide superior services that inspire community pride." The priorities contained in the 2024 State Legislative Action Agenda for the City of Largo reflect this mission and are intended to protect, promote, and benefit City-wide initiatives that are important to our residents and businesses. We look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with our state delegation partners as we seek to implement innovative and forward-thinking policies that will position the city for the future.

  • Local Governance
  • Sustainability & Resiliency
  • Short Term Vacation Rentals
  • First Responder Recruitment & Retention
  • Affordable Housing
  • Marchman Act
  • Infrastructure 
  • Recreation, Parks, & Arts 
  • State Aid To Libraries 
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Density Bonuses
  • Appropriations Requests
Learn more about these priorities below. For questions about the 2023 State Legislative Action Agenda, please email Largo's Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator.

Priority Statements

Local Governance
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation that empowers cities to address local issues and make decisions based on the unique needs and visions of individual communities.
Sustainability & Resiliency
The City of Largo SUPPORTS investments in solar+storage, greater EVSE coordination and incentives, and investments in climate change mitigation activities for vulnerable and low-income communities.

SUPPORTS renewal and increased funding for the Resilient Florida Grant Program to assist local governments with hardening and upgrading infrastructure to better withstand the effects of severe weather events.

Affordable Housing
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation and funding opportunities to protect and expand affordable housing programs and OPPOSES sweeping of funds from the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund.

SUPPORTS reforms to help stabilize Florida’s property insurance market and protect consumers from rising home insurance costs that greatly impact housing affordability.

Marchman Act
The City of Largo  SUPPORTS increasing resources and funding for Marchman Act programs to reduce wait times, improve quality standards, and provide effective detoxification treatments.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS investments in resilient infrastructure to mitigate disaster recovery costs and long-term climate change impacts.

SUPPORTS investments in infrastructure, technology, and innovation for water, wastewater, and alternative water sources.
Recreation, Parks, & Arts
The City of Largo SUPPORTS investments in parks, green spaces, and other natural infrastructure to increase property values and improve quality of life for residents.

SUPPORTS continuation and expansion of grant funding opportunities for local recreation, parks, trails and blueways.

SUPPORTS investments in art infrastructure and programming.

State Aid To Libraries
The City of Largo SUPPORTS investments in the State Aid to Libraries Grant Program to begin restoring state support for library services to pre-2008 funding levels.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation that increases local decision-making and flexibility on transportation projects and initiatives.

SUPPORTS investments in alternative transportation options and transportation mobility, accessibility, and connectivity.
Economic Development
The City of Largo SUPPORTS legislation that assists cities in recruiting and retaining businesses and industry, creates economic incentives, and makes investments in performance/outcome-based workforce development and skills training.

OPPOSES land use mandates in specific zoning classifications that could hinder local business expansion and employment growth.
Density Bonuses
The City of Largo SUPPORTS re-evaluation of graywater density bonus percentages to ensure that such bonuses do not compete with the ability to attract affordable housing developments.

SUPPORTS allowing local governments to set locational criteria to mitigate graywater bonus impacts to the transportation network.

First Responder Recruitment & Retention
SUPPORTS renewing and increasing benefits in the Florida Essential First Responders Recognition Payment Program and including Emergency Communications Dispatchers.

SUPPORTS renewing the Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program and extending benefits to firefighters,
paramedics, EMTs, and Emergency Communications Dispatchers
Short Term Vacation Rentals
SUPPORTS restoring local government authority to require registration of Short Term Vacation Rentals with reasonable
annual fees and uniform statewide requirements for life safety inspections. 


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