Federal Legislative Agenda

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The City of Largo's mission is to "provide superior services that inspire community pride." The priorities reflected in the 2024 Federal Legislative Action Agenda for the City of Largo reflect this mission and are intended to protect, promote, and benefit City-wide initiatives that are important to our residents and businesses. We look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with our federal delegation partners as we seek to implement innovative and forward-thinking policies that will position the city for the future. 

  • Public Safety
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Homeless Assistance 
  • Community Project Funding Program
  • Transportation
  • Sustainability & Resiliency 
  • Economic Development
  • Community Development Block Grant
  • National Flood Insurance Program 
  • Simplifying Grants Act
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health
  • Older Americans Act
Learn more about the priorities below. For questions, please email Largo's Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator.


Public Safety
The City of Largo SUPPORTS the continuation and expansion of grant programs to local law enforcement agencies and fire departments for training, equipment, and advanced public safety technologies.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS federal investments in disaster preparedness and emergency planning to mitigate the impact of natural disasters on communities.

SUPPORTS adequate funding of programs that assist local governments in disaster response and recovery.
Homeless Assistance

SUPPORTS adequately funding the Continuum of Care (CoC) program along with other federal resources to assist local governments in providing permanent housing, and supportive services to unsheltered homeless individuals and families.

SUPPORTS adequately funding the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program to support street outreach, homelessness prevention and diversion, emergency shelter, and rapid re-housing.

Community Project Funding Program
The City of Largo SUPPORTS the Community Project Funding Program to leverage federal and local dollars for energy, public safety, wastewater, and other eligible projects. 
The City of Largo SUPPORTS provisions that strengthen the role of local governments in decision-making for federal transportation projects.

SUPPORTS policies that implement transportation technologies to increase safety, reduce emissions and congestion, and foster the development of electric and automated vehicles.

SUPPORTS federal investments in public transit to increase accessibility and connectivity.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS policies that promote energy efficient homes and appliances and investments in renewable energy sources and alternative fuels, particularly for low-income households.

SUPPORTS policies that strengthen electric transportation and renewable energy infrastructure to assist the transition towards a safe, reliable, and clean energy grid.

SUPPORTS policies that help strengthen community resilience to natural hazards such as sea level rise, flooding, and extreme heat that also integrate emission mitigation co-benefits.

The City of Largo SUPPORTS a coordinated national approach that allows flexibility for local communities and economic regions to determine their own land use priorities.

SUPPORTS efficient land use management that conserves limited resources and promotes sustainable development.

SUPPORTS a bipartisan plan for a $1 billion appropriation for the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund to provide financial services to underserved markets that have higher rates of unemployment and small business failures.

SUPPORTS direct federal funding to communities, through programs like the Workforce Investment Act and funding for industry-specific programs.

SUPPORTS expanding the Small Business Administration and Economic Development Administration programs that provide technical assistance, start-up capital, and management training to companies.

The City of Largo SUPPORTS fully funding the Community Development Block Grant to provide adequate resources for low- and moderate-income neighborhood revitalization and incentivize critical public/private partnerships.

SUPPORTS increasing flexibility in administrative and public service spending caps and streamlining the grant process to increase efficiency and lower administrative burdens.

SUPPORTS increasing the threshold for provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act to $200,000 consistent with Section 3 covered projects.
The City of Largo SUPPORTS reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program with provisions to ensure long-term solvency, equitability, and affordability of premiums for policyholders.

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