Eligible Projects
Eligible projects include physical improvements such as landscaping, entryway signs, fencing, fountains and architectural, energy-saving lighting in a common area or neighborhood entryway.  Looking for an idea? Visit our project inspiration page.
Eligible Applicants
Grants are open to neighborhood associations, voluntary or mandatory homeowner’s associations, civic groups or registered crime watch groups in the City of Largo. Not an official group? No problem, get at least 3 neighbors together and complete the Community Group Registration to be eligible. 
Upon approval of the grant application, the City grant team will work with the neighborhood to purchase materials or services for the project up to a maximum of $3,000 and must include matching or in-kind funds. The approved budget grant amount can be financed through reimbursement to the vendor or community group (W9 required) or City purchasing materials or service from an approved vendor. Any required permit fees can also be included as part of reimbursement.  Projects previously completed outside of this grant are not eligible for reimbursement.
If the project requires a permit, a licensed contractor must be used. The neighborhood grant committee will assess if the project may require a permit (e.g., due to land rights or type of project) during initial review and provide direction on the considerations, process, and cost of a permit, if required.
Required Materials and Information

  •  Online application complete with all questions are answered
  • "Before" pictures of the project area have been taken.
  • Project location map
  • Budget form completed and uploaded
  • Two estimates from different vendors (if applicable)
  • Vendor W-9 form (note: the name on this form will be the name on the check)
  • Support letter from neighborhood/group leader or association,
Application Deadline
There is no formal deadline. Applications are accepted year-round and awarded while grant funds remain. Please submit your application online. If you need any assistance completing the application online please reach out to the Community Engagement Administrator at [email protected] or call (727)587-6740, ext 7630
Do we need to contact the Community Engagement Administrator before we apply?
Yes, contacting the Community Engagement Administrator will provide guidance on project and applicant eligibility, as well as answer any questions the group may have regarding the process or fund availability. Please send a brief email of the project plan before applying. Applications that have not been cleared will not be reviewed.  Email [email protected] or call (727)587-6740, ext 7630 to contact the Community Engagement Administrator.
What qualifies as matching or in-kind funds?

An in-kind match is the value of any cash, real property, equipment, goods, or services contributed towards the completion of the project. Volunteer hours are calculated at $25/hr towards the match.

Do we need to register with the City before we apply?
Yes, complete the Community Group Registration
How do we know if our group is registered with the City or update our group's contact information?

Please email [email protected] to find out.

Within what timeframe are we expected to complete the work?

Groups have 180 days from the time permits are approved. Projects not requiring a permit have 90 days to complete the approved project.

Does my group receive the cash upfront?
The grant committee will work with your neighborhood project representatives during the application process to consider specific financial needs and provide support. The approved budget grant amount can be financed through reimbursement to the vendor or community group (W9 required) or City purchasing materials or service from an approved vendor. 
Our group does not have a surplus in funds, how can we take advantage of this program?
Volunteer value is acceptable as in-kind towards the neighborhood’s match. Please contact the Community Engagement Administrator for more information.

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