Nuisance Abatement Program

The City of Largo needs your help! The Community Standards Division is asking our residents to let us know about abandoned, vacant, derelict and blighted residential properties in the City that may have the following violations:

  • Properties left in a poor or unsafe condition and/or disrepair
  • Grass is too high
  • Pool unclean and harboring mosquitoes
  • Broken or collapsing fences

Please complete this form if you know of a residential property in your neighborhood that may have any of these violations.

When reporting a derelict property we ask that you provide answers to the following questions about the abandoned, derelict, vacant or blighted property.

  • Address or location of house in question?
  • Condition of the house and property? (grass, pool, fence, structure, etc.)
  • How long has the property been vacant?
  • Does the house have a pool?
  • Can we view the property or violations from yours or a neighboring property?
  • Do you have contact information for the former tenants?
  • Your information if you wish to be contacted.

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