Permits FAQ

Please review some of the most frequently asked questions regarding building permits. Don't see your question here or need further information? Contact [email protected] or 727-586-7488.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a permit?
A permit ensures that work is done properly and up to the Florida Building Code. It ensures that the space or structure is safe for everyday use and helps to prove an improvement towards your property, potentially increasing home value.
What requires a permit?

Except for paint, and residential landscaping, most everything else requires a permit. For questions, contact [email protected] or 727-586-7488.

What are the City of Largo's permit fees?
All of our fees are based on the value of the job, including labor and materials. For a more complete list of fees, please review the City of Largo's Fee Schedule in the Code of Ordinances.
Are fees due at time of permit drop-off?
Building plan review fees are required at the time of permit submittal. If a permit needs to go through review from different departments (i.e., engineering, fire, etc.), additional review fees will be added.
Do I need to update my permit if the scope of work has changed or if we want to include additional tasks?
Yes. Any changes being made, even after the permit has been issued, need to be submitted to the City of Largo for review. This is considered to be a revision. Revisions are $25 per page for the first set of pages to review.
How do I know if my address is in Largo?
Verify a location by looking at the "Current Tax District" listed on the Property Appraiser’s website. If the address says Largo, that doesn’t always mean it’s in Largo’s jurisdiction. However, if the "Current Tax District" says LARGO(LA), it is within our jurisdiction, and permits must be applied with the City.
What is a notice of commencement and why do i need it?
Notice of Commencement is the formal designation of the beginning of a project. It is filled out by the contractor of record for the job or the homeowner if the owner is pulling the permit themselves. It must be filed with the Clerk of the Court prior to work commencing, and a certified copy must be presented to the Building Division prior to the first inspection and posted on the job site.
How do I schedule an inspection?
All inspections (except Infrastructure permits) will be called in through the automated system at 727-587-6711. Follow the prompts, which will guide you through the steps. There, you can also hear the results of your inspection! Just make sure you know your permit number and inspection codes. 

Inspection times cannot be scheduled in advance. However, you can call the assigned inspector on the inspection day for approximately two hours. To find the direct number for an inspector, review the Inspector Directory.
What is a Florida Product Approval and where can I find them?

A Florida Product Approval is a product evaluated and approved by the Florida Building Commission for use within the State of Florida. Approved products can be found at

Note that not all products sold at local retail stores are current and approved. Do your diligence and check before purchasing or installing!

Where can i find florida building codes?
Visit the Florida Building Codes website.
How many sets of plans do I submit?
Residential is two sets. Contractors will upload one copy into their online portal. 
how do i register with city of largo to do work?

Contractors must be licensed to do work. They must register with the City of Largo prior to submitting for a permit or being listed as a subcontractor on a permit. This ensures that all county and state licensing has been obtained and they are compliant To register with the City of Largo, copies of the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB) card, State License, and local business tax receipt from the location where your business is based is required. For questions, contact [email protected] or 727-586-7488.

How do I add a sub-contractor to a permit?
All sub-contractors are added to a permit by the contractor (or authorized agent) originally submitted for the permit. This can be done in the initial application or can be added at a later date by emailing [email protected]. Sub-contractors do not sign on themselves. Please ensure that all sub-contractors are registered and active with the City and that all requests to add or remove sub-contractors include the business name, license number, and trade.
what permits can be issued over the counter (at City hall)?
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing changeouts like this are typically done over the counter. As are roofing and window/door permits – provided appropriate staffing is available. 
how can i find the status of my permit?
Contractors may track the status of the permit through the online permit and licensing portal. Once a permit is submitted, depending on the type, it may go back to one of five divisions for review: Building, Planning, Fire, Engineering, and Landscape. As soon as your permit is ready to be issued, you will receive an email informing you of the next steps.
Where can I find out how close I can build to my property line?
Contact Planning at 727-587-6749 Ext. 7301 or at [email protected].
I received a Notice of Violation, who can I contact?
Notice of Violations are typically issued by Community Standards but can sometimes be issued by the Building Division. For more information, contact Community Standards at 727-587-6799.
What does a red tag inspection mean?
A red-tagged inspection means that the contractor did not meet the necessary requirements for inspection, even though it was within the contractor's responsibility to meet those standards. A red tag can also happen when an inspection is called in and the job is not ready for inspection. Red tag inspections require a $75 fee to be paid before another inspection is called in. If a re-inspection was added for the same noted code violation. The fee will be double the previous amount, up to $300 (max).
Can an owner act as their own contractor?

Yes. An owner can act as their contractor when they own the property in their first and last name (the property cannot be owned by an entity – for example, a trust or LLC) if the owner is not going to rent/sell/lease for up to one year, and if the owner is doing the work themselves or supervising the work that is being done. An original signed Homeowner Builder Affidavit must accompany the permit. For more detailed requirements, please see the Homeowner Builder Affidavit.

Do you accept digitally signed and sealed plans?
Yes. We accept digitally signed and sealed plans, which must be submitted through the online permitting system by a licensed contractor.
What are your hours?
Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm and Wednesdays from 8am to 3pm. On the first Wednesday of every month, Building Permits close at 12pm.
does the city handle contractor complaints?
The Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB) handles contractor complaints.

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