Permit Types

Below is a list of our permit types. Don't see your permit type here? Contact us for more information. For a more detailed list of requirements for plan review and submittal, view the Florida Building Code Chapter 107.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Equal changeouts or replacing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing like for like/size for size are typically done over the counter and require no plan for review. However, any new installation of Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing does have requirements, and plans or supporting documents may be required.

A re-roofing permit requires a completed application, a product approval form listing each product being used on the roof (2023 & Approved), examples being underlayment and shingles, and one set of Florida Product Approvals and installation instructions to be provided on-site. The Roofing Affidavit must be posted on site for Final Inspection or turned in to the Building Division before Final. The affidavit must be original and notarized.

A window/door replacement permit includes permits for exterior doors, windows, sliding glass doors, solar tubes, skylights, and garage doors. It requires a completed application, a layout of the location showing which windows/doors are being replaced, two sets of Florida Product Approvals (2023 & Approved) for each window product being used, and one set of installation instructions provided on site.


A fence permit requires a completed application, two sets for residential of a survey, or a site plan showing where on the property the fence is being placed (three sets for commercial), even if you are removing and replacing the fence in the same place it once was. We need to know how tall the fence will be and what type of fencing material will be used, along with an approximate length of feet of fencing. Have more specific questions about fences? Contact a Planner at [email protected]

A tree permit requires a completed tree removal application, which includes showing where the tree to be removed is located on the property and what type of tree it is. The inspector must have access to the entire property and must leave the gates open to complete the review. Tree replacement information can be found in Chapter 10 of the Comprehensive Development Code for residential and commercial properties if required. For commercial properties with Development Orders, the replacement must comply with the approved landscaping plan. For more information, contact the Planner on Call at 727-587-6749 Ext. 7301 or email [email protected].

In Largo, all sheds need a permit. Sheds under 250 sq ft don't need a contractor. For sheds under 100 sq ft, submit a permit application. Two sets each of a survey, plans, Florida Product Approvals, and installation instructions. Sheds 100 sq ft or larger need the same, but plans must be signed and sealed. For commercial property, use three sets of surveys and plans.

A driveway permit is for a residential property only. It requires a completed application, along with two sets of a survey or site plan showing where the driveway will be placed or repair will be done, along with dimensions. Additionally, a description should be included to state what the driveway will be constructed of.

Carport/Screen Rooms
For a carport permit, submit a completed application, two sets each of a survey, signed and sealed plans, Florida Product Approvals (2023 & Approved) for each product used (e.g., roofing), and on-site installation instructions. On a commercial property, provide three sets of surveys and plans.

For a pool/spa permit, submit a completed application. Two sets of surveys, plans, a Duke Energy No Conflict letter, a Residential Pool/Spa Safety Act Affidavit, and specifications for any associated motors or pumps. For commercial property, include three sets of surveys, plans, and the FL Dept of Health Public Pool Permit Application.

A demolition permit covers the removal of any structure and needs a completed application, plus two sets of a survey or site plan showing the structure's location. If utilities are involved, include a disconnect letter from each provider. Demolition in a Mobile Home Park needs an Authorization Letter. For commercial property, include three sets of survey or site plans.

For an interior remodel, provide two sets showing the scope of work and a floor plan, two sets of Florida Product Approvals and on-site installation instructions. For an exterior remodel, include two sets of survey or site plans, plans showing the scope of work, and Florida Product Approvals. For commercial property, submit three sets of survey or site plans, floor plans, and plans for either remodel.

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