Largo Receives Heaviest Rainfall Totals in Pinellas County back  
Date of Record: June 28, 2011

Since the afternoon of Thursday, June 24, the City of Largo has found itself receiving the apparent heaviest rainfall totals in Pinellas County. Rain gauge data indicates that central and southern sections of the City have received in excess of 12 inches during this period. While several of the storms have been traditional afternoon rain event storms moving along the border of the sea-breeze, others have been of the "pop-up" variety which sit in one location and rain until they rain themselves out. These lingering storms appear to have been those contributing to the heaviest rainfalls during the mid-day and afternoon periods.

How heavy have the rains been? During a rain event Monday mid-day, the area around East Bay Drive and Fulton received 1.37 inches of rain in 10 minutes, Whitney Road and 58th Street received over nine-tenths of an inch in under an hour, and between 3:45 and 3:55 p.m. on Monday, Starkey Road and Ulmerton received 1.5 inches in that same 10 minutes. Also receiving heavy rain were 150th and 66th Street which at 12:30 received just under one inch of rainfall in under 10 minutes. Since late Thursday night the area around 66th Street and Ulmerton has received in excess of 12.5 inches of rain, much of it in heavy downpour events. Since the rain began, Fulton and East Bay has received over 10 inches, Walsingham and 131st Street more than 8 inches.

The City of Largo Public Works Department explains that while localized street flooding did occur during these rains, there have been no documented cases of blockages or pipe collapses being at fault. The water has receded once the rains slowed down and the standing water appears to be the result of the rain falling faster than it can flow off with gravity. The Department has surveyed the City maintained drainage systems repeatedly since this rain system began last week, and plans to continue to do so as long as this weather pattern persists. 

Residents can help by ensuring that drainage inlets, ditches, or swales in their yards or the street in front of their yards are kept clear of debris. It has been a few years since this type of continual, daily heavy rain has been experienced in the Largo area. Unfortunately, once the ground becomes saturated with moisture and cannot absorb any more, new rain water has no option except to run off into drainage systems at a faster rate. With weather forecasts calling for more rain through the end of the week, the City sees the continued possibility of localized flooding as heavier rainfall periods occur.