Electronic/Chemical Collection back  
Date of Record: December 11, 2011

ElectronicsFall Mobile Collection Day:
Saturday, September 8
9am-2pm ONLY

Largo Recycling Center*
1551 Starkey Road
(South of East Bay & North of Ulmerton Rd.)
*NOTE The recycling Center only excepts electronics on special Fall mobile collection day.  Electronics should never otherwise be dropped off at the recycling center.

Spring Mobile Collection Day:
Saturday, March
9am-2pm ONLY

Largo Home Depot*
10689 Ulmerton Road
(At the corner of Seminole Blvd. & Ulmerton Rd.)

Pinellas County Utilities hosts mobile collections and operates Hazardous Household Waste & Electronics Collection Center
for hard to dispose of items,such as TVs, batteries, computers, paint, appliances and more.  If you have a product that
you wish to dispose/recycle of you can do so at the Pinellas County Solid Waste Facility or bring it by a Mobile Collection
Day in your area!

computerVisit one of the many FREE Household Electronics & Chemical Mobile Collections
sponsored by Pinellas County Utilities.

For commercial business:
Watch a video*
Please note you will be leaving Largo's website to view this video

What to Bring:

The following electronic items are considered hazardous due to substances such as lead, mercury,
cadmium, and brominated flame retardants.*

Entertainment Computer Communication
Cassette player CPU Blackberry
CD player External drive Cell phone
DVD player Keyboard Pager
Portable player (MP3 or iPod) Laptop PDA (such as a Palm Pilot)
Radio Modem Telephone
Speaker Monitor Wireless device
Stereo Mouse  
Television (TV) Power supply  
Video game player Printer  
VCR Scanner  
Office Audiovisual Other
Fax machine Camcorder Float switch
Photocopier Digital camera Fluorescent bulbs
Toner cartridge Projector GPS unit
Typewriter (electric)
Marine depth finder
     Microwave oven
    Rechargeable batteries

*Not all electronics are hazardous. See our list of electronics that are NOT hazardous
(such as blow dryers or vacuum cleaners).
An item IS hazardous if it contains any of the following: digital display, circuit board,
or rechargeable

What NOT to bring: These "special" hazardous waste items are not accepted at mobile collections.
  • Appliances (such as refrigerators)
  • Explosives (including guns)
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Medical, biological or infectious waste
  • Medicines
  • Propane Tanks
  • Radioactive waste

Click here for safe disposal options

Can't make it to the mobile collection days:

Check out the New Household
Electronics & Chemical Collection
Center in St. Petersburg

Find out more...

In addition to hosting mobile collections, Pinellas County Utilities
has created an excellent reference guide for hard to dispose of items, such as TVs, batteries, computers, paint, appliances, propane tanks and more,
called the A to Z Guide.


Click here to go to Pinellas County's A-Z Guide