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City of Largo, Florida
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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Adams, CPA, Mr. Kimball R. Finance Director   Email Address 727-587-6747
Amodeo, Paul S Lieutenant - Office of Professional Standards   Email Address 727-586-7348 x 3004
Barton, Brian POP Squad - Problem Oriented Policing   Email Address  
Brown, Greg Parks Superintendent   Email Address 727-586-7415
Browne, Brian Deputy Chief   Email Address  
Bruner, Diane City Clerk   Email Address 727-587-6710
Brydon, Teresa Economic Development Manager   Email Address 727-586-7342
Byrne, Joan Recreation, Parks and Arts Director   Email Address 727-587-6720
Chaney, Randall Sergeant   Email Address  
Coyle, Joseph M Sergeant   Email Address  
Craig, Norton City Manager   Email Address 727-586-7454
Davis, Amy OMB Manager   Email Address  
Giessler, Jennifer Rec Program Manager - Community Center      
Glascock, Gary R Wastewater Manager Environmental Services Email Address 727-518-3079
Gleaves, Vivian Environmental Manager Environmental Control Email Address 727-518-3061
Graham, Brandon Multimedia Supervisor   Email Address 727-586-7337
Kane, Aleta Nature Specialist   Email Address  
Kety, Irvin Environmental Services Director   Email Address 727-507-4470
Loux, Michael Major - Operations   Email Address 727-586-7388
McPhee, Casey Library Director   Email Address 727-587-6715
Oyer, Kate O'Connell Communications and Marketing Supervisor   Email Address 727-587-6740 x 5020
Schomaker, Harold Information Technology Director   Email Address 727-587-6746
Schubert, Henry Assistant City Manager   Email Address 727-587-6744
Sinz, Susan Human Resources Director   Email Address 727-587-6716 x 6706
Smith, Glen Major - Administrative Services   Email Address  
Staffopoulos, Michael J Assistant City Manager   Email Address 727-586-7454
Stricklin, Carol Community Development Director   Email Address 727-586-7490
Tanberg, Todd L Environmental Services Assistant Director Environmental Services Email Address 727-507-4468
Undestad, Jeffrey Police Chief Police Department Email Address  
Usher, Brian Public Works Director   Email Address 727-586-7418
Willis, Shelby Fire Chief   Email Address 727-587-6740 x 2006
Staff 1-31 of 31