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Residential Solid Waste Collection

Residential Solid Waste Collection

Starting Collection
To start your residential collection, contact Pinellas County Utilities at 727-464-4000. Once you have ordered your service, you can contact the Largo Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760 for your collection days, to receive a green automated cart (if one is not currently on-site) and to receive a blue recycling bin.

Rates and Billing
You will be invoiced $35.30 for your solid waste collection every other month ($17.65/month) as part of your Pinellas County utility bill. For a full listing of solid waste collection rates, refer to Section 7-5 of the Largo Code of Ordinances.


What is included in my solid waste service?

Your residential collection includes twice a week garbage collection and once-a-week recycling, yard waste and bulk item collection. Bulk item collection is limited to four pickups per year.

When is my garbage collected?

For single-family homes and duplexes, garbage is collected twice weekly - either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday, depending on the location of your home. Recyclables, yard waste and bulk items are picked up on one of your regular collection days.

What type of container should I use?

The City of Largo will supply you with a 95-gallon or 65-gallon green automated cart for your garbage. All garbage must be placed inside your green container, with the exception of recyclables. Any garbage left next to your green container will not be collected. If you have bulky items which will not fit in your green container, please notify Solid Waste at 727-587-6760 to arrange for a special pickup.

When should I place my garbage container at the curb?

Containers may be placed curbside after 7 p.m. the day before your collection, and they must be removed from the curb by 7 p.m. on your collection day.

Where should I place my garbage and recycling carts?

Please place containers within 2 feet of the curb with the handle facing your home or away from the curb. Be sure to place your carts are at least 3 feet away from any yard waste, other carts, mailboxes or other obstructions.

How do I fill my garbage container?

To avoid damage to your property and our trucks, please follow these simple guidelines for using your garbage cart:
  • Drain and wrap wet garbage.
  • Do not let anything stick out from the top of the container.*
  • Cut long objects to fit in the container.*
  • Do not place objects on the lid or next to the container.*
  • Any item that will fit in the container (small appliances, small furniture items, etc.) should be placed inside the container.
  • Do not place TVs or computer components in your container, as many contain hazardous waste. Please visit or contact Pinellas County at 727-464-7500 for proper disposal instructions.
    *Rules apply to blue recycling cart
How can I dispose of large, bulky items such as furniture or large appliances?
As a Largo Solid Waste customer, you are entitled to four free curbside pickups each year. Place these items at the curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling day. For more information on bulk item collection, please contact the Largo Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760.

What items cannot be picked up?

To protect the environment and ensure the safety of our residents, the City of Largo does not accept household hazardous waste or electronics (TVs, monitors, CPUs, rechargable batteries, light bulbs) for curbside collection. Household Hazardous waste include solvents, paints, auto fluids, pesticides and household/pool chemicals. This items can be dropped off for free at Pinellas County Solid Waste HEC3 center 6 days a week.

As an alternative, the Largo Solid Waste Division in conjunction with Pinellas County Utilities hosts two household electronic and chemical mobile collections each year. For more information on electronics/household chemical collection events, please contact the Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760.

My container has been lost/damaged/stolen. What should I do?

Simply fill out the Residential Automated Cart Repair/Replacement Request Form and a Solid Waste Division staff member will come out to repair/replace your cart free of charge. Please empty and wash your cart and place it curbside for service.

How is yard waste collected?

Yard waste is collected once per week as part of your standard curbside service. Please bag or containerize yard waste for easy collection. To find out your yard waste collection day, call Solid Waste at 727-587-6760. Do not put yardwaste in your garbage or recycling carts.

Do you collect on holidays?

In order to allow our Solid Waste staff an opportunity to spend holidays with their families, there are certain holidays on which the City of Largo does not have collection. These are:
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

You will, however, still receive two collections during weeks on which there is a holiday. Here is the schedule for holiday collection:

  • If the holiday is on a Monday, then your regular Monday collection will be on Tuesday, and regular Tuesday collection will
    be on Wednesday.

  • If the holiday is on a Tuesday, then your regular Tuesday collection will be on Wednesday.

  • If the holiday is on a Thursday, then your regular Thursday collection will be on Wednesday.

  • If the holiday is on a Friday, then your regular Friday collection will be on Thursday, and regular Thursday collection will be on Wednesday.
Where can I get free mulch?
Mulch is available free of charge at the Starkey Road Recycling Center, 1551 Starkey Road. Please bring a shovel and a container. For other locations throughout Pinellas County, call 727-464-7500. Ask about our free mulch program.

How are my solid waste fees determined?

The Solid Waste Division is an enterprise fund, which means that it is entirely supported by user fees rather than by taxes. Fees are approved by Largo City Commission, and are established to offset operational costs of collection and recycling.

How may I request for a Solid Waste/Recycling speaker for an event?

If you would like to have someone speak to your group about solid waste or recycling, simply fill out the Presentation Request Form and a Solid Waste Division staff member will contact you to confirm.

Who do I contact to have a dead animal removed from the roadway?

Please call the Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760 for removal.

Who can I contact if I have a specific question?

Largo's Solid Waste Division is happy to help you with any specific needs you may have. Please call 727-587-6760 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or by email at

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