City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Southwest Programs-Sports

Southwest Programs-Sports

Pricing follows the following format:
-Resident/Non-Resident/Guest Fee (Non-Rec Card Holder)

Monthly program participants must have a Recreation ID Card to register.


(Ages 8 & Up)

Learn the basics of archery in a fun and safe indoor environment. Learn the proper techniques of shooting a bow and arrow, compete during fun activities, make new friends and have a blast! Equipment provided. Space is limited so reserve your space now.

Instructor: Toby O’Brien

295516-E1 May 5-26 Tue 5:30-6:30p $35/$44


Arena Coed Flag Football

(Ages 6-14)

All games/practices will be played in the gymnasium with modified football rules. Arena football is a fun fastpaced game that focuses on catching, throwing, running and defensive skills.

Instructor: Michael Wardlow

(Ages 6-9)

293833-E1 Jun 17-Aug 6 W,Th 5:30-6:30p $40/$50

(Ages 10-14)

293833-E2 Jun 17-Aug 6 W,Th 6:30-7:30p $40/$50


Basketball Drop In Teens

(Ages 13-17)

Each week pick-up teams will be formed from those who are in attendance and games will be played. Drop in Sat 8a-12p Free with membership card


Basketball League, youth

(Ages 6-14)

Instructor: Michael Wardlow

(Ages 6-8)

293834-G1 Aug 19-Oct 15 W,Th 5:30-6:15p $40/$50

(Ages 9-11)

293834-G2 Aug 19-Oct 15 W,Th 6:15-7p $40/$50


293834-G3 Aug 19-Oct 15 W,Th 7-7:45p $40/$50



(Ages 4-9)

Young gymnasts will learn floor work, focusing on tumbling skills, coordination, flexibility and increasing muscular build. Beginner A held in May only.

Instructor: Casey Jackman

Beginner A (Ages 4-6) (limit five per class)

292502-E1 May 7-28 Thu 4:30-5p $24/$30

Beginner B (Ages 5-9)

292502-E2 May 7-28 Thu 5-5:30p $24/$30

292502-F2 Jun 4-25 Thu 5-5:30p $24/$30

292502-G2 Jul 2-30 Thu 5-5:30p $30/$38

292502-H2 Aug 6-27 Thu 5-5:30p $24/$30

Beginner C (Ages 4-9)

292502-E3 May 7-28 Thu 5:30-6p $24/$30

292502-F3 Jun 4-25 Thu 5:30-6p $24/$30

292502-G3 Jul 2-30 Thu 5:30-6p $30/$38

292502-H3 Aug 6-27 Thu 5:30-6p $24/$30




Gymnastics Youth

(Ages 6-15)

Young gymnasts will learn floor work, focusing on tumbling skills, coordination, flexibility and increasing muscular build.

Instructor: Casey Jackman

Intermediate (Ages 6-11)

293502-E1 May 7-28 Thu 6-6:30p $24/$30

293502-F1 Jun 4-25 Thu 6-6:30p $24/$30

293502-G1 Jul 2-30 Thu 6-6:30p $30/$38

293502-H1 Aug 6-27 Thu 6-6:30p $24/$30

Intermediate (Ages 10-15)

293502-E2 May 7-28 Thu 6:30-7p $24/$30

293502-F2 Jun 4-25 Thu 6:30-7p $24/$30

293502-G2 Jul 2-30 Thu 6:30-7p $30/$38

293502-H2 Aug 6-27 Thu 6:30-7p $24/$30




(Adult) SilverSneaker Eligible

Combines badminton, tennis and ping pong into one fun game! Paddles and balls available for use.

294816 May Wed,Fri 12-3p

Saturdays, 8-11am

$1 with membership card, $3 without membership card




Fit Kids ABC'S Camp

(Ages 7-14)

Fit Kids Ability, Balance, Coordination and Speed (ABCS) camp. Camp will provide an understanding of the importance of being agile, maintaining good balance and possessing coordination and speed which are valuable

tools any athlete should have in their arsenal. Campers will participate in activities and games that develop and

hone their skills.

Instructor: Omar Carter

693190-G1 Jun22-26 Mon-Fri 9a-1p $60/$75


Lacrosse Camp

(Ages 8-14)

Learn the lacrosse basic fundamentals for passing, shooting, catching and stick handling.

Instructor: Toby O’Brien

693926-J1 Jul 20-24 Mon-Fri 9a-12p $30/$38


Southwest Sports Soccer Camp

(Ages 7-14)

Improve your game through drills and scrimmage play with our coaches.

Instructor: Matt Johnson

693191-G1 Jul 6-10 Mon-Fri 9a-1p $50/$63




Tennis Lessons available (Click Here for more information) or call Southwest at (727) 518-3125.