City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Highland Programs - Youth & Teen

Highland Programs - Youth & Teen

Recreation Membership and Registration Information

(R) = resident, with recreation card (NR) = non-resident with recreation card (Guest) = non-recreation card holder

Before & After School Care
K through 5th Grade

Offered to children at Ponce de Leon and Mildred Helms Elementary Schools. Registration begins Monday, August 4. For more information please call the number below.

Ponce de Leon: Contact Highland Complex Staff at 727-518-3016

Mildred Helms: Contact Southwest Complex Staff at 727-518-3125

Artsy Explorations

 (Ages 7-12)

Have fun while exploring your creative side! Artists will produce drawings, paintings, sculptures and more. A $15 supply fee will be due the first day of class. Please preregister.

Instructor: Latonya Hicks

273132-F1 Jun 2-30 Tue 6:45-7:45p $35/$44
273132-G1 Jul 7-28 Tue 6:45-7:45p $28/$35
273132-H1 Aug 4-25 Tue 6:45-7:45p $28/$35

Bricks 4 Kidz - LEGO'S

Participants build animals, machines, buildings, vehicles and other structures out of Lego Bricks, using one-of-a-kind model plans designed by Bricks 4 Kidz. Each class begins with an instructor led discussion related to the model of the day, while introducing S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). After model is built, everyone enjoys a period of free-play. Preregistration is required.

Instructor: Bricks4Kidz Katzman

273680-F1 Jun 2-30 Tue 5-6p $60/$75
273680-G1 Jul 7-28 Tue 5-6p $48/$60
273680-H1 Aug 4-25 Tue 5-6p $48/$60


(Ages 4-10)

Coed classes are designed to provide kids with an introductory approach to cheerleading in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. Participants will learn focus, synchronization and simple routines. A one time $10 fee for t-shirt and pom poms is due the first day of session.

Instructor: Faith Bolinder

(Ages 4-6)
273501-F1 Jun 2-30 Tue 5:15-6p $38/$48
273501-G1 Jul 7-28 Tue 5:15-6p $30/$38
273501-H1 Aug 4-25 Tue 5:15-6p $30/$38

(Ages 7-10)
273501-F2 Jun 2-30 Tue 6:15-7p $38/$48
273501-G2 Jul 7-28 Tue 6:15-7p $30/$38
273501-H2 Aug 4-25 Tue 6:15-7p $30/$38


 Comic Book & Cartooning, Beg/Int

 (Ages 7–12)

Learn the basics of comic book art and cartooning from award–winning illustrator and comic book artist, Peter Pachoumis. This class will focus on structure and pinup/cover art. Peter has worked on properties such as Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many others. Additional $30 materials fee paid to instructor.

Instructor: Peter Pachoumis

273111-F1 Jun 6-27 Sat 12-1:30p $32/$40
273111-G1 Jul 11-25 Sat 12-1:30p $24/$30
273111-H1 Aug 1-29 Sat 12-1:30p $40/$50

 Comic Book & Cartooning Int/Ad

 (Ages 13 to adult)

Learn more comic book, cartooning, cover design, storytelling, and pinup art. Award–winning illustrator and comic book artist, Peter Pachoumis’ intermediate/advanced class is the perfect place for you. Additional $30 materials fee paid to instructor.

Instructor: Peter Pachoumis

276112-F1 Jun 3-24 Wed 5-6:30p $32/$40
276112-G1 Jul 1-29 Wed 5-6:30p $40/$50
276112-H1 Aug 5-26 Wed 5-6:30p $32/$40



(4 & up)

Participants will gain coordination and confidence, while learning tumbling skills.

Instructor: Diane Whitcher

Beginners (Ages 4-6)
273502-F1 Jun 2-30 Tue 4-4:30p $30/$38
273502-G1 Jul 7-28 Tue 4-4:30p $24/$30
273502-H1 Aug 4-25 Tue 4-4:30p $24/$30

Intermediate (Ages 6 & Up)
273502-F2 Jun 2-30 Tue 4:30-5p $30/$38
273502-G2 Jul 7-28 Tue 4:30-5p $24/$30
273502-H2 Aug 4-25 Tue 4:30-5p $24/$30

Advance Beginners (Ages 6 & Up)
273502-F3 Jun 2-30 Tue 5-5:30p $30/$38
273502-G3 Jul 7-28 Tue 5-5:30p $24/$30
273502-H3 Aug 4-25 Tue 5-5:30p $24/$30

Advance Invite Only (Ages 6 & Up)
273502-F4 Jun 2-30 Tue 5:30-6:15p $32/$40
273502-G4 Jul 7-28 Tue 5:30-6:15p $26/$33
273502-H4 Aug 4-25 Tue 5:30-6:15p $26/$33

Intermediate (Ages 9 & Up)
273502-F5 Jun 2-30 Tue 6:15-6:45p $30/$38
273502-G5 Jul 7-28 Tue 6:15-6:45p $24/$30
273502-H5 Aug 4-25 Tue 6:15-6:45p $24/$30

Advance Beginners (Ages 7 & Up)
273502-F6 Jun 2-30 Tue 6:45-7:15p $30/$38
273502-G6 Jul 7-28 Tue 6:45-7:15p $24/$30
273502-H6 Aug 4-25 Tue 6:45-7:15p $24/$30

Beginners (Ages 5 & Up)
273502-F7 Jun 2-30 Tue 7:15-7:45p $30/$38
273502-G7 Jul 7-28 Tue 7:15-7:45p $24/$30
273502-H7 Aug 4-25 Tue 7:15-7:45p $24/$30


 Fishing Class & Deep Sea Excursion

(Ages 8 to senior)

 Learn fish identification, angler etiquette, knot-tying, casting, rules, regulations, types of equipment, lures and bait. After this four week class, you will jump aboard the Double Eagle for a deep sea fishing trip. Bait, poles and tackle are included. Legal guardian must register and accompany minors during class and excursion. All parties must have a valid Largo membership card. Call (727)587-6740 x 5008 for more details. 

 Instructor: Sensing Nature


Friday Night Fever
(Grades 3-5)

Open gym, activities, snack shop and more! Registration form required for each child. Preschool children are
separate from school age children and must be potty trained. No program January 30, March 27 & April 3.

173665-AA Jan 9-Apr 24 Fri 6:30-9:30p $50/$63

Drop in fees: $6/$7.50/$10.50

Hip Hop, Youth


Learn modern hip hop and jazz dance moves in this high energy class! Learn routines you can show your friends.

Instructor: Tracy Eckert

273627-F2 Jun 3-24 Wed 5:30-6:15p $32/$40
273627-G2 Jul 1-29 Wed 5:30-6:15p $40/$50
273627-H2 Aug 5-26 Wed 5:30-6:15p $32/$40

Midnight Madness

12 hours of fun at the Rec! Children will be supervised while they play sports, make crafts, play games and enjoy time with their friends.

273667-G1 Jul 10-11 8p-8a $50

(Ages 7-adult)
Develop skills used in every day life. This program improves the ability to focus and concentrate. Other advantages of karate include building strength, balance, coordination, and learning respect for others. Uniforms available through instructor. No class May 25.

Instructor: Grace Haeusler, 4th Degree Black Belt in Uechi Ryu Okinawan Karate

Level 1 Beginner (Ages 7-12)
273503-F1 Jun 1-29 Mon,Thu 5:30-6:15p $90/$113
273503-G1 Jul 2-30 Mon,Thu 5:30-6:15p $90/$113
273503-H1 Aug 3-31 Mon,Thu 5:30-6:15p $90/$113

Level 2 Intermediate (Ages 7 to adult)
273503-F2 Jun 1-29 Mon,Thu 6:15-7p $90/$113
273503-G2 Jul 2-30 Mon,Thu 6:15-7p $90/$113
273503-H2 Aug 3-31 Mon,Thu 6:15-7p $90/$113

(Ages 7 to Adult)
273503-F3 Jun 6-27 Sat 12:15-1:15p $40/$50
273503-G3 Jul 11-25 Sat 12:15-1:15p $30/$38
273503-H3 Aug 1-29 Sat 12:15-1:15p $50/$63
Drop in fees: $10/$12.50/$15.50-Saturday only

Smart Sports

(Ages 7-12)

Your child will learn academics while they play. This unique class will work on math skills through sports. The session will start with a homework/tutor time and then we go and play some sports. Where else can you play
basketball, kickball, soccer and other fun games, while working on math skills? Classes are taught by certified classroom and physical education teachers.

Instructor: Ron Tuttle

(Ages 7-9)
273848-F1 Jun 1-29 Mon 4-5p $40/$50
273848-G1 Jul 6-27 Mon 4-5p $32/$40
273848-H1 Aug 3-31 Mon 4-5p $40/$50

(Ages 10-12)
273848-F2 Jun 1-29 Mon 5-6p $40/$50
273848-G2 Jul 6-27 Mon 5-6p $32/$40
273848-H2 Aug 3-31 Mon 5-6p $40/$50

 Sports of Sorts

(Ages 6–10)

Coed instructional sports that focus on drills, techniques and sportsmanship. Preregistration required.

Instructor: Jay Sullivan

273832-F1 Jun 4-25 Thu 5:30-6:30p $28/$35

273832-G1 Jul 2-30 Thu 5:30-6:30p $35/$44

273832-H1 Aug 6-27 Thu 5:30-6:30p $28/$35


Click Here for all tennis lesson information. 

Zumba Kids


Classes are rockin’ high energy fitness parties packed with specially choreographed, kid friendly routines
and all the music kids love. Parents love it because it increases focus and self confidence, boosts metabolism and enhances coordination.

Instructor: Yineth Zuniga

273420-DF Jun 4-25 Thu 5:30-6:15p $16/$20
273420-DG Jul 2-30 Thu 5:30-6:15p $20/$25
273420-DH Aug 6-27 Thu 5:30-6:15p $16/$20

Drop in fees: $4/$5/$8