City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Highland Programs - Preschool

Highland Programs - Preschool

Recreation Membership and Registration Information

(R) = resident, with recreation card (NR) = non-resident with recreation card (Guest) = non-recreation card holder.

Little Pals Preschool 2014-2015

Our mission statement: To provide an opportunity for children to express themselves freely by creating memorable early social experiences while emphasizing the joy of learning allowing for the successful transition into the formative elementary school years.

Ratios: 3-4 year old: 1 teacher to 15 children

Hours: 7am-6pm

Licensing: Little Pal's Preschool is licensed by the State of Florida in Pinellas County.

Tuition: There is a $50 registration fee and a Largo Recreation membership and paperwork is required to secure spot in program. This fee is non-refundable.

Instructor: Paula Squitieri & Aoka Carr
Mon–Fri $125/Week
Mon/Wed/Fri $90/Week
Tue/Thu $60/Week

For all other questions please call 518-3016

 Itty Bitty Play Time
(Ages 5 & under)

Enjoy our large indoor play area! Meet other parents / caregivers as your children play and interact with other little ones. Membership not required. All children must
wear socks. Drop in anytime.

Jan-Apr Tue/Thu 9-10:30a $1.50 per visit per child


Hip Hop  Dance "Creative Movements"

 (Ages 3–5 yrs)

Give your child a leg up in development with this fun, active class. Your child will move and groove while improving coordination, gross motor skills, rhythm, and rhythmic patterns. They will leap, jump, hop, skip, gallop, and dance into a healthy, well-rounded child.

Instructor: Tracy Eckert
173627-B1 Feb 4-25 Wed 5:30-6:30p $32/$40
173627-C1 Mar 4-25 Wed 5:30-6:30p $32/$40
173627-D1 Apr 1-29 Wed 5:30-6:30p $40/$50


Music and More with Rick & Debbie

(Birth to 5 years)

Join us for a fun musical time. Sessions include singing,
creative movement, focused listening, instrument
play and much laughter. Parents and caregivers enjoy
learning music in a comfortable setting with your child.
Individual and family rates are available.

Instructor: Debbie & Rick Christie, early childhood
music specialists

(Birth to 16 months)
Individual Pricing
172660-J1 Feb 3-24 Tue 9:30-10a $20/$25
172660-K1 Mar 3-31 Tue 9:30-10a $25/$31
172660-L1 Apr 7-28 Tue 9:30-10a $20/$25
Drop in fees: $5/$6.25/$9.25

Family Pricing
172660-J2 Feb 3-24 Tue 9:30-10a $28/$35
172660-K2 Mar 3-31 Tue 9:30-10a $35/$44
172660-L2 Apr 7-28 Tue 9:30-10a $28/$35
Drop in fees: $7/$8.75/$11.75

(Infant to 5 Years)
Individual Pricing
172660-J3 Feb 3-24 Tue 10:30-11:15a $20/$25
172660-K3 Mar 3-31 Tue 10:30-11:15a $25/$31
172660-L3 Apr 7-28 Tue 10:30-11:15a $20/$25
Drop in fees: $5/$6.25/$9.25

Family Pricing
172660-J4 Feb 3-24 Tue 10:30-11:15a $28/$35
172660-K4 Mar 3-31 Tue 10:30-11:15a $35/$44
172660-L4 Apr 7-28 Tue 10:30-11:15a $28/$35
Drop in fees: $7/$8.75/$11.75


Pee Wee Sports

(Ages 3–5)

Your little athlete will be introduced to various sports with focus on skill building, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Please preregister for class.

Instructor: Ron Tuttle

172826-B1 Feb 7-28 Sat 9-9:45a $28/$35
172826-B2 Feb 7-28 Sat 10-10:45a $28/$35
172826-C1 Mar 7-28 Sat 9-9:45a $28/$35
172826-C2 Mar 7-28 Sat 10-10:45a $28/$35
172826-D1 Apr 4-25 Sat 9-9:45a $28/$35
172826-D2 Apr 4-25 Sat 10-10:45a $28/$35

Karate - Little Warriors

(Ages 4-6)

Learn the eight main life skills that are taught in the
Little Warriors program: focus, self–control, memory,
fitness, teamwork, balance, discipline and coordination.
Uniforms available through instructor. No class January
19 & February 16.

Instructor: Grace Haeusler
172503-B1 Feb 2-26 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $70/$88
172503-C1 Mar 2-30 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $90/$113
172503-D1 Apr 2-30 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $90/$113


Preschool Picasso

(Ages 2-5)

Let your child express themselves through imagination and creativity. Activities include painting frame worthy masterpieces, edible play-doe to mold in to their most loved cartoon characters, creating beautiful sculptures with items found in nature, and much more.

Instructor: Erika LaFontaine

172663-B1 Feb 5-26 Thu 10:30-11:15a $12/$15
172663-C1 Mar 5-26 Thu 10:30-11:15a $12/$15
172663-D1 Apr 9-30 Thu 10:30-11:15a $12/$15
Drop in fees: $3/$3.75/$6.75