City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Highland Programs - Preschool

Highland Programs - Preschool

Recreation Membership and Registration Information

(R) = resident, with recreation card (NR) = non-resident with recreation card (Guest) = non-recreation card holder.

Itty Bitty Play Time (Ages 5 & under)

Enjoy our large indoor play area! Meet other parents / caregivers as your children play and interact with other little ones. Membership not required. All children must wear socks. Drop in anytime.

Year Round:  Tue/Thu 9-10:30a $1.50 per visit per child

Music & More (Preschool)

Join us for a fun musical time. Sessions include singing, creative movement, focused listening, instrument play and much laughter. Parents and caregivers enjoy learning music in a comfortable setting with your child. Individual and family rates are available. Receive a free music CD when you register for three months or more.

Instructor: Debbie & Rick Christie, Early Childhood Music Specialists

Individual Pricing
372660-I3 Sep 1-29 Tue 10:30-11:15a $25/$31
372660-J3 Oct 6-27 Tue 10:30-11:15a $20/$25
372660-K3 Nov 3-24 Tue 10:30-11:15a $20/$25
372660-L3 Dec 1-29 Tue 10:30-11:15a $25/$31
Drop in fees: $6/$7.50/$10.50

Family Pricing
372660-I4 Sep 1-29 Tue 10:30-11:15a $35/$44
372660-J4 Oct 6-27 Tue 10:30-11:15a $28/$35
372660-K4 Nov 3-24 Tue 10:30-11:15a $28/$35
372660-L4 Dec 1-29 Tue 10:30-11:15a $35/$44
Drop in fees $8/$10/$13

Preschool Picasso (Ages 3-5)

Let your child express themselves through imagination and creativity. Activities include painting frame worthy masterpieces, edible play-dough to mold into their most loved cartoon characters, creating beautiful sculptures with items found in nature and much more.

372663-I1 Sep 3-24 Thu 10:30-11:15a $12/$15
372663-J1 Oct 1-29 Thu 10:30-11:15a $15/$19
372663-K1 Nov 5-19 Thu 10:30-11:15a $9/$11
372663-L1 Dec 3-17 Thu 10:30-11:15a $9/$11
Drop in fees $3/$3.75/$6.75

Little Warriors (Ages 4-6)

Learn the eight main life skills that are taught in the Little Warriors program: focus, self–control, memory, fitness, teamwork, balance, discipline and coordination. Uniforms available through instructor. No class September 7, November 26 and December 24.

Instructor: Grace Haeusler

372503-I1 Sep 3-28 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $70/$88
372503-J1 Oct 1-29 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $90/$113
372503-K1 Nov 2-30 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $80/$100
372503-L1 Dec 3-28 Mon,Thu 5-5:30p $70/$88

Preschool Parties (Ages 5 & Under)

Come enjoy a special morning celebration with your preschooler. Activities will include crafts, games and a snack, all based around a special theme.

Mad About Dinosaurs
372731-I1 Sep 4 Fri 10a $8

Once Upon a Time
372731-J1 Oct 2 Fri 10a $8

Leggo my Picasso
372731-K1 Nov 6 Fri 10a $8

Run Fast Gingerbread Man
372731-L1 Dec 4 Fri 10a $8

Cheerleading (Youth)

Coed classes are designed to provide kids with an introductory approach to cheerleading in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. A one time $20 fee for t-shirt, pom pom and hair bow is due the first day of session.

Instructor: Faith Bolinder

(Ages 4-6)
373501-I1 Sep 1-29 Tue 5:15-6p $38/$48
373501-J1 Oct 6-27 Tue 5:15-6p $30/$38
373501-K1 Nov 3-24 Tue 5:15-6p $30/$38
373501-L1 Dec 1-29 Tue 5:15-6p $38/$48

Gymnastics (Youth)

Participants will gain coordination and confidence, while learning tumbling skills. No class December 22.

Instructor: Diane Whitcher

Beginners (Ages 4-6)
373502-I1 Sep 1-29 Tue 4-4:30p $30/$38
373502-J1 Oct 6-27 Tue 4-4:30p $24/$30
373502-K1 Nov 3-24 Tue 4-4:30p $24/$30
373502-L1 Dec 1-29 Tue 4-4:30p $24/$30

Zumbini (Ages 0-3)

Designed to let you and your little ones 0 to 3 years old wiggle, sing and learn together, the Zumbini™ program is where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba® – for the ultimate bonding experience. Minimum of three required. *Drop in option available if class minimum of three is met.

Instructor: Mary Brown

372419-J1 Oct 1-Nov 5 Thu 9-9:45a $60/$75
Sibling Discount
372419-J2 Oct 1-Nov 5 Thu 9-9:45a $30/$38
372419-J3 Sep 30-Nov 4 Wed 4:30-5:15p $60/$75
Sibling Discount
372419-J4 Sep 30-Nov 4 Wed 4:30-5:15p $30/$38
Drop in fee: $10/$12/$15.50

Hip Hop Preschool (Ages 3-5)

Your child will move and groove while improving coordination, gross motor skills, rhythm and rhythmic patterns. They will leap, hop, skip and dance into a healthy child. No class on December 23.

Instructor: Tracy Eckert

373627-I1 Sep 2-30 Wed 4:30-5:15p $40/$50
373627-J1 Oct 7-28 Wed 4:30-5:15p $32/$40
373627-K1 Nov 4-18 Wed 4:30-5:15p $24/$30
373627-L1 Dec 2-30 Wed 4:30-5:15p $32/$40

Pee Wee Sports (Ages 3-5)

Your little athlete will be introduced to various sports with focus on skill building, teamwork and sportsmanship. September is flag football, October is basketball, November is t-ball and December is soccer.

Instructor: Ron Tuttle

Flag Football
372826-I1 Sep 12-26 Sat 9-9:45a $21/$26
372826-I2 Sep 12-26 Sat 10-10:45a $21/$26
372826-J1 Oct 3-31 Sat 9-9:45a $35/$44
372826-J2 Oct 3-31 Sat 10-10:45a $35/$44
372826-K1 Nov 7-21 Sat 9-9:45a $21/$26
372826-K2 Nov 7-21 Sat 10-10:45a $21/$26
372826-L1 Dec 5-19 Sat 9-9:45a $21/$26
372826-L2 Dec 5-19 Sat 10-10:45a $21/$26

Pee Wee Sports Skills Training (Preschool)

Children will learn the fundamentals of various sports each month in a fun environment. They will improve their skills that will encourage them to love sports. Elements in the class will teach your child to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Instructor: Ron Tuttle

Flag Football
373848-I1 Sep 14-28 Mon 4-5p $24/$30
373848-J1 Oct 5-26 Mon 4-5p $32/$30
373848-K1 Nov 2-30 Mon 4-5p $40/$50
373848-L1 Dec 7-28 Mon 4-5p $32/$40