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City of Largo, Florida
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Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Collection

Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Collection

Starting Collection
To set up service, fill out this form or call Solid Waste at 727-587-6760 and give us your business address. We will assist you in determining the appropriate container size and frequency of pick up. Once this is determined, you will be required to complete a Change of Service Form with the Solid Waste Division. We also offer free mixed recycling carts and dumpsters. There is a monthly $25 fee for cardboard dumpsters.
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Roll off Containers (Construction)
Rates and Billing (per Month)
Dumpster Pricing:

  1 2 3 4 5 6
2 Yard $50.00 $106.00 $159.00 $212.00 $265.00 $318.00
4 Yard $96.00 $204.00 $305.00 $407.00 $509.00 $611.00
6 Yard $141.00 $299.00 $448.00 $598.00 $747.00 $897.00
8 Yard $184.00 $390.00 $585.00 $780.00 $975.00 $1,170.00

Dumpsters w/ Lock Bars Pricing includes an additional $5 per month to the pricing above.

Roll-out Dumpster Service Pricing:

  1 2 3 4 5 6
2 Yard $58.00 $122.00 $183.00 $244.00 $305.00 $366.00
4 Yard $104.00 $220.00 $329.00 $439.00 $549.00 $659.00

Roll-out Dumpster w/ Lk Bar Service Pricing:

  1 2 3 4 5 6
2 Yard $63.00 $127.00 $188.00 $249.00 $310.00 $371.00
4 Yard $109.00 $225.00 $334.00 $444.00 $554.00 $664.00

Roll Off Containers (Construction and Other Large Project Debris):

10 Yard
  $130 per Pull
20 Yard
  $143 per Pull
30 Yard
  $157 per Pull
40 Yard
  $173 per Pull

Compactors for Lease

20, 30, and 40 Yard Compactors available
Prices and fees vary
Site prerequisites apply

Other Fixed Costs:

$25.50 Minimum Charge for Commercial Service
$50.00 to Move Dumpster
$75.00 to Move Roll-Off Container

Commercial Recycling Options:

Cardboard Recycling Rates:
Once a Week: $25 / Customer
Twice a Week: $50 / Customer

Ask us about options for Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling onsite

Commercial/Multi-Family recycling carts and dumpsters are available for mixed recyclables at no charge
For more information about recycling options e-mail us or call (727)586-7424

Visit our commercial recycling website

What service must be used for construction, building and renovation projects?
The City of Largo can supply businesses with a construction (roll-off) container. Costs for roll-off containers vary according to the number of pickups required. For roll-off service, contact the Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760.
How do I start or change commercial dumpster service?
To start or change dumpster service for your commercial property, you should contact the Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760.
The property that my business is located on has lots of yard waste. How can I arrange pickup?
Special pickups should be arranged in advance by contacting the Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760.
Are there special rules for emptying compactors?
If your business has a compactor, you should contact the Solid Waste Division at 727-587-6760 to arrange for collection service. If the compactor is used for food items, it must be emptied at least once per week.
What items cannot be collected with my regular service?
To protect the environment and ensure the safety of our residents, the City of Largo does not accept hazardous wastes (paints, auto fluids, household/pool chemicals), concrete, dirt, sod, hot ashes, tires, flammable waste or biomedical waste. Call Pinellas County at 727-464-7500 to find out more about proper disposal of these items.

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