City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Sidewalk Construction Repair

Sidewalk Construction Repair

To ensure pedestrian safety, the City of Largo allocates funds each year for the construction of new sidewalks, and for the repair or replacement of existing sidewalks. In the current Capital Improvement Program, the following amounts are budgeted for sidewalk and trail projects throughout the City of Largo:

2008: $400,000
2009: $350,000
2010: $450,000
2011: $900,000
2012: $900,000
2013: $900,000

Priorities for sidewalk installation include the local demand for sidewalk installation, the approximate cost for installation, the anticipated need/usage of the new sidewalk and the status of future projects that may necessitate the removal and replacement of sidewalks (e.g., sewer improvements, road widening, reclaimed water installation, etc.). To find out if a particular sidewalk is scheduled for repair or installation, contact the Engineering Services Division at 727-587-6713, or complete the online form to "Report Sidewalk Problems."

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