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Obtaining Reclaimed Water

Obtaining Reclaimed Water

Residential Customers
If reclaimed water is already available in your neighborhood, and you would like to connect, just follow this simple, four-step process:
  1. Obtain a reclaimed water permit. Contact the City of Largo Environmental Control Division of the Environmental Services Department at 727-518-3076. The permit is free. The components to connect to the reclaimed water system (in-ground or hose bibb) and installation of the components are provided by the City free of charge.
  2. Connect to the City service box. You may then connect your in-ground irrigation system or locking hose bibb to the system.
  3. Schedule an inspection. Before your connection is activated, you must contact the Environmental Control Division at 727-518-3076 for an inspection of the connection. This ensures that all components are correctly connected and in working condition. Inspections are conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The homeowner or contractor must be present at the time of inspection.
  4. Start using reclaimed water! If the system is connected and working properly, then reclaimed water will be activated for your home. You will be billed bimonthly on your Pinellas County utility bill. Please remember that irrigating with reclaimed water is prohibited between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and restricted to 3 days per week (please see watering schedule).
Commercial customers
Commercial customers interested in obtaining reclaimed water service are responsible for their own connection to the system. To obtain service, commercial customers must:
  1. Contact the Environmental Control Division of the Environmental Services Department at 727-518-3076 for approval to connect into the reclaimed system.
  2. If approval is granted: Obtain a reclaimed water permit.
    Permits are available from the Engineering Services Division at 727-587-6713 or in-person at Largo City Hall, 201 Highland Avenue, Largo.
  3. Submit your permit application, application fee, permit fee and four sets of plans.
    These documents will be submitted to the Engineering Services Division. The site plans must show the complete irrigation system, the meter assembly and the tie-in to the City's reclaimed water system.
  4. Schedule your inspections.
    A City inspector and a Reclaimed Water Distribution Technician must be present for the tap into the City's reclaimed water line. In addition, the entire system must be inspected by the Environmental Control Division prior to activation of the line.

Important notes about commercial use of reclaimed water:

  • Commercial customers are responsible for maintaining meters in operating condition. Bi-annual maintenance and calibration must be performed on the meters by a qualified company.
  • When choosing a meter, commercial customers must ensure that the register on the meter has sufficient digital readout to record projected water usage. For information on proper meters, contact the Environmental Control Division at 727-518-3076.
  • Commercial users are subject to the same daytime watering restrictions as residential users.

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