City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Highland Programs - Preschool

Highland Programs - Preschool

Pricing follows the following format: Member/Non-member

Itty Bitty Play Time
(Ages 5 & Under)
Enjoy our large indoor play area. Meet other parents/
caregivers as your children play and interact with other
little ones. Membership not required. All children must
wear socks.
Tue/Thu 9-10:30a $1.50/visit per child

Little Pals Preschool & VPK Program
(Ages 3-5) (Must be potty trained)
Our licensed preschool program (Lic#C084417) will
have your child giggling, wiggling and playing their way
through our educational based program. $50 registra-
tion fee and paperwork required when registering. No
class January 1, 15 or February 19.

Mon-Fri 7a-6p $140/week, $71/week with VPK
Voucher, $66 with auto debit
Instructor: Paula Squitieri & Jaime Jones

Mommy and Me Workout
(Ages 16 & Up)
Are you a new mom looking for fitness options? Would
you like to workout with your child? This workout is de-
signed for front and back carrying with easy and simple
moves for the safety of you and your little one. Baby car-
rying promotes bonding while completing fun moves
to work your abs, glutes, legs and much more. Suitable
for beginners and experts. Participants must bring a
wearable baby carrier. All parents are welcome. No class
January 1, 15 or February 19. Instructor: Jocelyn Monkofsky

174660 Mon 9-10a $20/$40 per month
Drop in fee: $6/$12

Music & More
(Infant-Age 5)
Join us for a fun musical time. Sessions include singing,
creative movement, focused listening and instrument
play. Parents and caregivers enjoy learning music in a
comfortable setting with your child. Individual and fam-
ily rates are available. Receive a free music CD when you
register for three months or more.
Instructor: Deborah Christie

172660 Tue 10:30-11:15a $20/$40 per month
Drop in fee: $6/$12

Family Pricing
172660 Tue 10:30-11:15a $28/$56 per month
Drop in fee: $8/$16

Preschool Parties
(Ages 5 & Under)
Come enjoy a special morning celebration with your
preschooler. Activities will include crafts, games and a
snack, all based around a special theme.

Love Rocks Valentine's Party
172731-B1 Feb 6 Tue 10:30a
$5 before Jan 30/$8 after Jan 30

Under the Sea Party
172731-C1 Mar 6 Tue 10:30a
$5 before Feb 27/$8 after Feb 27

Preschool Picasso
(Age 3-5)
Let your child express themselves through imagination
and creativity. Activities include painting frame worthy
masterpieces, edible play-doe to mold into their most
loved cartoon characters, creating beautiful sculptures
with items found in nature.

172663 Thu 10:30-11:15a $12/$24 per month
Drop in fee: $4/$8

Stroller Fit NEW
(Ages 16 & Up)
This new fitness class offers a total body workout
along Highland's scenic walking trail. You will walk,
jog, lift and use body weight exercises to help in-
crease your strength and metabolism. Bring water for
you and your child. Instructor: Jocelyn Monkofsky

174427 Wed, Fri 2-2:45p $24/$48 per month
Drop in fee: $4/$8