City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Highland Programs - Dance

Highland Programs - Dance

Pricing follows the following format: Member/Non-member

Ballroom Dancing for Children and Families

(Ages 9 &Up)
Learn to dance with your family and friends! Dancing is
better when you do it together. Basic Latin, Swing and
Ballroom dance styles are taught in a casual, fun envi-
ronment with lively, contemporary music. The family
that dances together, advances together! Come alone or
bring the whole clan.
Instructors: Gina Santamaria & Luigi Ritarossi

Thu 4:30-5:30p $40/$80 per month

Line Dancing
Join our fun group of line dancers, and have a good time
learning all the steps to popular line dance songs. Ann
Splain has over twenty years of line dance experience.
All levels are welcome. No class January 1, 15 and Febru-
ary 19. Instructor: Ann Splain

Mon,Wed 10:30a-12p $24/$48 per month
Drop in fee: $4/$8

Rungo Dance Performance
Rungo Dance Performance is a dance fitness class that
gives participants the chance to execute skills learned
in class, on the stage. Performance will enhance speed,
accuracy and overall showmanship.
Instructor: Corinne Rungo

Tue 4:30-5:30p $28/$56 per month
Drop in fee: $8/$16

Straight Outta Dance
Ever wanted to learn dance moves from your favorite
video or dance movie? This is an adult hip-hop class
designed for beginners/intermediate participants. It has
a clubbing atmosphere, without the clubbing crowds.
No experience needed. Instructor: Ivette Lopez

Fri 7-8p $28/$56per month