City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Residential Lawncare Tips to Improve Water Quality

Residential Lawncare Tips to Improve Water Quality

DO Leave your grass clippings on the lawn. They will break down into free nutrients and water. If you can't leave them, bag the clippings for pick up.

DO Make sure your landscape company is certified by Pinellas county. 

DO Test your soil. You may be able to cut down on work and save money.

DO Limit pesticide and herbicide use, and always follow the label. If you need to dispose of a pesticide or herbicide, never dump it on the ground or put it in the trash.  Instead, take it to an authorized drop-off center.

DON'T Rake or blow your leaves or grass clippings into the street, ditch, curb, stormwater inlet or any other part of the stormwater system. This can cause flooding and water quality issues.

DON'T Fertilize your lawn during the prohibited period, June 1 – September 30.  This protects our waters from nutrient pollution, helping seagrass beds in Tampa Bay thrive.

If you notice illegal dumping into the stormwater system or waterways in your area, report it online or email stormwater

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