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City of Largo, Florida
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Largo's Future Focus

Largo's Future Focus

Strategic planning is essential for an organization to remain sustainable and relevant in a rapidly changing environment. For over 100 years, the City of Largo has focused on meeting the needs of our residents by providing superior services that enhance the quality of life. The future of our city is closely tied to both the local and national economies, which manifest significant uncertainty. Such conditions argue for a well-conceived strategy that can guide us in allocating our resources where there is the greatest need and value for the future.

In February 2015, the City Commission and our Executive Management Team engaged in a strategic planning session to develop a vision for the future. After conducting an environmental scan of the City's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the team identified strategic issues that should be addressed over the next ten years.

These issues were incorporated into six focus areas:

  • Fiscal
  • Economic Development
  • Community Pride
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Partnerships
From these focus areas, goals and objectives were developed. The strategies to achieve these goals have become the City's Strategic Action Plan. These goals and objectives are outlined in the Strategic Action Plan Thinking strategically in all that the City of Largo does is important to create sustainable success. Incorporating the practice of assessment, planning, identification of risk, implementation, and data measurement into the city culture will provide the tools to shape our future.

To learn more about this initiative, visit the "Associated Documents" section at the bottom of this page, which includes the Future Focus master document and quarterly reports.

Associated Documents