City of Largo, Florida

City of Largo, Florida
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Highland Programs - Athletics

Highland Programs - Athletics

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Active Adult Golf
Monthly instruction indoors at the Highland Complex.
Includes 9 holes of golf at Largo City Golf Course. Please
preregister by Monday before program.

Fri 9:30-10:30a $32/$64 per month

Athlete's Yoga Workshop

(Ages 11 & Up)
Calling all athletes! Yoga can help build strength and decrease injuries by increasing flexibility and tapping into more muscular power and balance. Learn how Yoga can help athletes in all aspects of their sport. Taught by Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, Lynn Winters-Hicks.

174498 Jan 27 Sat 10-11a $20/$40

Basketball Basics
(Ages 6-10)
This class reinforces and applies the fundamentals of
basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and
team play. Drills, skills and informal mini-scrimmages
are played with instruction as needed.

Sat 8:45-9:30a $24/$48 per month

Coed Badminton

(Adult) SilverSneakers, Optum & Prime Eligible
Easy on joints, increases circulation and cardiovascular
fitness. Court usage limited to games of 21. For begin-
ner to advanced players. Rackets available for use. No
program March 31 and April 21.

171815 Tue 7-9p $2/$5
           Fri 6-8p $2/$5
           Sat 11-3:30p $2/$5

           Sun 11-3:30p $2/$5

Youth Basketball League
(Ages 9-14)
This program is designed to teach the skills of basketball
through instruction and games. Games will be played
against Southwest Recreation Complex teams.

133870-B2 Jan 23-Mar 8 Tue,Thu 6-7:15p $40/$80
133870-B3 Jan 23-Mar 8 Tue,Thu 7:15-8:30p $40/$80

Pee Wee Sports
(Ages 3-5)
Your little athlete will be introduced to various sports
with focus on skill building, teamwork and sportsman-
ship. Please preregister for class. January is flag football,
February is basketball, March is t-ball, April is soccer.
Instructor: Ron Tuttle

172826 S
at 10:30-11:15a $28/$56 per month

(Adult) SilverSneakers, Optum & Prime Eligible
Combines Badminton, tennis and ping pong into one
fun game. Paddles and balls available for use. 8a-1:30p
advanced, 1:30-4p beginner. Instruction available for
beginners from 1:30-2p. Fridays any level welcome. No
program January 2-5, and March 26-30.

Tue,Thu,Fri 8a-4p $2/$5

Soccer Instructional
(Ages 6-11)
This program is designed to teach the skills of soccer
through instruction and games. Program will include
both instruction followed by scrimmage time.

Feb 15-Mar 22 Thu 6-7p $40/$80

Track & Field
(Ages 5-18)
This is a great program for those kids interested in
track and field. Children from Largo will team up to run
against friends and rivals from other local cities. Program
includes three practices and one track meet per month
at an off site location (will require travel). All partici-
pants will get an official team shirt and ribbons for their

133821-A1 Jan 10-May 2
Wed 6-7p $50/$100

Volleyball-Indoor Clinics
(Ages 7-Adult)
This class teaches and reinforces the skills of passing, hit-
ting, serving, and simulated games with instruction as
needed. No class January 1,15 and February 19.
Instructor: David Carstenson

(Ages 7-12)

133815 Mon 6-7p $28/$56 per month

(Ages 12 & Up)

133815 Mon 7-8:30p $40/$80 per month

Youth Volleyball Instruction
(Ages 11-14)
Youth Volleyball meets two times a week. Saturdays at
10-11a and Wednesday 6-7p.

Feb 7-Mar 17 Wed,Sat $40/$80

Youth Flag Football
(Ages 6-14)
This coed league introduces children to the fun of foot-
ball without contact. Teams practice once per week and
play games once per week. Registration and mouth-
pieces are required.

133899-C1 Apr 4-May 17 Wed,Thu 6-6:45p $40/$80
133899-C2 Apr 4-May 17 Wed,Thu 6:45-7:30p $40/$80
133899-C3 Apr 4-May 17 Wed,Thu 7:30-8:15p $40/$80

Youth Archery
(Ages 6 & Up)
Learn the basics of archery in a fun and safe environ-
ment. Learn the proper techniques of shooting a bow
and arrow, compete during fun activities. Equipment
provided. Space is limited so reserve your space now.

173421 Thu 5-5:45p $20/$40 per month

Speed & Agility

(Ages 7 & Up)
Calling all athletes. Speed & Agility is not just a seasonal
activity. It's training that can be done year round. This
class will include a variety of training tools and meth-
ods that will improve an athlete's overall speed, quick-
ness, change of direction, balance, coordination and
endurance. These skills carry over to virtually all sports.
Continue training even after practice; drop-in today. No
class January 1, 15 or February 19.

173486 Mon 5:30-6:30p $24/$48 per month
Drop in fee: $7/$14