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Code Enforcement

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The priority of Code Enforcement is to address life safety issues that pose a threat to the health, safety, well being and quality of life for the residents and guests in the City of Largo. It is because our citizens want safe, sound neighborhoods that we are proactive in our enforcement efforts. Most of the complaints we receive are regarding high grass and weeds, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, trash, debris and outside storage of junk on residential and commercial properties. You can find a "top ten" list below of our frequent questions.

Commonly Asked Questions

How tall can my grass be before it would be a violation?
Overgrowth of grass, weeds, uncultivated vegetation over a discernible portion of the property in excess of twelve inches would be considered a violation.

Can I keep a vehicle that is inoperable or unlicensed?
You may have one vehicle that is inoperable or unlicensed inside a fully enclosed structure such as a garage. All other vehicles to include trailers, boats, must have a valid tag on them and be fully operable to remain on any property in the city.

Can my neighbor store piles of junk, boxes and totes outside?
No, outside storage of junk, indoor furniture, trash, totes, boxes, car parts, dismantled machinery etc. may not be stored outside on any residential and most commercial properties.

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