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Stormwater is the number one source of pollution to our waterways.  As stormwater flows over paved areas, it picks up oil, trash, chemicals, fertilizers, and sediment.

Our stormwater system carries these pollutants directly to Tampa Bay  and the Gulf. These are the same bodies of water where we swim, fish, and play.


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Why Is Stormwater Important?

Polluted stormwater degrades water quality and threatens the health of fish and other aquatic life. 

Excessive nutrients from fertilizers promote algae growth. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites from pet waste can threaten human health. Hazardous substances and leaking automotive fluids can be toxic to marine life.

How Can We Improve Water Quality?

By practicing eco-friendly habits, Largo residents can help improve water quality:

Car Washing

Only Rain Down the Drain

While blowing grass clippings or raking leaves into the road, ditch, or storm drain may appear to be a harmless activity, this debris contributes to clogging the stormwater system, street flooding and creates downstream water quality issues. Bag or mulch leaves and grass, and let only rain go down the drain.

If you notice illegal dumping into the stormwater system or waterways in your area, report it online or email stormwater

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