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C.O.R.E. (Cooking Oil Recycling Effort)

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C.O.R.E. (Cooking Oil Recycling Effort)


Used cooking oils are a serious problem for home plumbing and the City's wastewater collection system. Cooking oil that's poured down the drain doesn't disappear. It gels and solidifies into thick layers inside drainpipes, sewage pipelines and sewage lift stations, constricting water flow.

The result not only can back up home plumbing, but can also cause lift station pumps and other equipment to fail. This can create sewage spills, overflows onto streets, and foul odors in homes and neighborhoods. It’s messy, smelly and costly to clean up.

Do Your Pipelines & Ours A Favor: Put Grease Where It Belongs

All cooking oils—including frying oil, and bacon and hamburger drippings—can cause problems in home plumbing and the sewage collection system.

Here are two options for disposal:
option1 option2

Help Fight Fats, Oils & Grease

DON'T Flush grease or cooking oil down the sink, even if you follow it with hot water or soap   DO Pour leftover grease and cooking oil into a separate container. Cool and dispose of as noted above
DON'T Flush cooking oil and grease down the toilet   DO Scrape leftover food into the trash can or use paper towels to clean out residue
DON'T Put greasy foods down the drain or in the garbage disposal   DO Clean out grease and leftover foods from the sink, and put into the trash
    DO Teach your children to follow your grease-fighting example

For a list of Cooking Oil Recycling Centers in your area go to: CORE FIPA Online


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