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Juvenile Welfare Board

Juvenile Welfare Board

The City of Largo Recreation Parks & Arts Department receives funding from the Juvenile Welfare Board as part of the Out of School and Promise Time Programs.

About The Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County


The Juvenile Welfare Board invests in partnerships, innovation and advocacy to strengthen Pinellas County children and families.


The Vision of the Juvenile Welfare Board is that children in Pinellas County will have a future of more successful and satisfying lives because of the efforts of JWB and its partners.

JWB Values:

We value every child. We want them to be ready to learn, to be successful in school and to be healthy and happy every step of the way.

We embrace collaboration. We work as a team with our community partners.

We celebrate results. We support long-term efforts to bring effective change by identifying areas where needs are not being met. Then we find - or create a community-based support network that can turn our investments into real help for young people throughout Pinellas County.

We pursue innovation. We are not satisfied with the status quo. We use the latest research and professional knowledge to address the needs of children and families in Pinellas County.

Our History:

In 1945, the Juvenile Welfare Board was conceived by a Juvenile Court Judge, an attorney, and a concerned group of professionals as well as private citizens who were unhappy with the lack of resources and services being provided to at-risk youth and families.  Established by statute in 1945 and approved overwhelmingly by voters in a referendum in 1946, JWB was created with a mission to provide needed services to children throughout Pinellas County.

JWB is the first Children's Services Council in Florida - and has been a model for the other 10 CSCs throughout the state.  CSCs now fund services to more than 60% of Florida's most vulnerable children.

At JWB, we want to connect with community partners to build better communities.

JWB ensures positive development and well-being of all children and families in Pinellas County through the prudent investment in solutions that work - ensuring the positive development of children is the greatest investment we can make in building a better community.

Find out more about the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County.

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