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Fight F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease)

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Fight F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease)

What is FOG?

FOG refers specifically to fats, oils and grease entering the sewer system when poured down drains in homes, apartments, restaurants, industry and public facilities.

As a byproduct of cooking, FOG is usually found in:

FOG can be classified into two different categories: residential FOG and commercial FOG. For more information on these categories of FOG, click on the links below:

Residential FOG
Commercial FOG

Learn more about FOG from Largo's TV appearance on WTSP's Studio 10!

Why is FOG a problem?

Blockage can lead to sewer overflows on your property. All too often, fats, oils and grease are disposed of improperly during food preparation and kitchen clean-up. When poured the down drain (sink or floor), FOG can build up, blocking sanitary sewer lines. This accumulation not only reduces the capacity of the wastewater collection system, but it also alters its effectiveness.

In severe cases, blockage can lead to:

When wastewater ends up in homes, on streets and in streams it becomes both a public health and an environmental concern. Additionally, FOG increases the existing financial costs associated with regulatory compliance and the operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection system.

How can you help reduce FOG?

The easiest way to solve the grease problem and help prevent overflows of raw sewage is to keep this material out of the sewer system. Through education and by adopting certain habits, it is easy to minimize FOG sources at home. To learn how to properly dispose of FOG.

Frequently Asked Questions About FOG

Commercial Documents

Best Management Practices Manual
Commercial User Discharge Permit Application
Grease Trap/Interceptor Sizing
Grease Interceptor Documentation of Service Form
Grease Trap Documentation of Service Form
Lint Trap Documentation of Service Form
Oil & Water Separator Documentation of Service Form
Pumping Variance Application

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