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Annexation Program

Annexation Program

Planning Service Area (August 2012)
Annexation is the process set forth in the Florida Statutes that allows properties outside the current city limits to become part of a city. Throughout the City of Largo Planning Service Area, there are properties and neighborhoods that are not within the Largo Municipal limits. Annexation allows businesses and residents to join the City of Largo and be able to receive municipal services that are available to properties located within Largo's limits.

Annexation is a two-step process. The first step is to have a completed Annexation Agreement between a property owner and the City of Largo. Under an Annexation Agreement, the City of Largo will offer some services if the property was within the city limits, however the property will still be part of the unincorporated Pinellas County area. Once an Annexation Agreement is in place, the second step may take place within a year of the signed Agreement. The process may take longer if a property does not meet certain state guidelines.The second step involves bringing the Annexation Agreement in front of the Largo City Commissioners to authorize the annexation and formally bring the property into the municipal boundary. Once the second step has been completed, the property is officially recognized as being part of Largo, and at that time, the property owner will begin to pay Largo taxes, can vote in the Largo election cycle, and will have complete access to all of Largo's city services.

The Pinellas Planning Council has established a "Truth In Annexation" webpage that provides property owners financial information, to estimate the difference in annual taxes and fees before and after annexation.  To use this resource, visit and look for the Annexation section on the top right-hand side of the main page under 'Building Your Future'.

If you are a property owner interested in annexing into the City of Largo, visit one of the links below to obtain more information on the benefits of being in Largo, and how to start the process and where to get questions answered.

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