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Downtown Largo Multimodal Plan

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Downtown Largo Multimodal Plan


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The Downtown Largo Multimodal Plan is the framework for the improving quality of life in Downtown Largo through a paradigm shift that takes people out of their personal automobiles and allows them to safely travel by foot, bicycle, or transit throughout the area. Development of the Multimodal Plan was driven by a process that balanced the needs identified by the public with the needs determined through technical analyses. Consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and the Strategic Plan, the Downtown Largo Multimodal Plan will encourage development and redevelopment of Downtown along commercial corridors, activity centers, and mixed use centers, creating a community that is walkable and inviting. Implementing the Multimodal Plan for Downtown Largo will satisfy the associated transportation demand and provide mobility through options other than the single occupant vehicle.

The Multimodal Plan is part of the implementation program for the West Bay Drive Community Redevelopment District Plan and the Clearwater Largo Road Community Redevelopment District Plan. These plans called for a multi-modal approach to mitigating the transportation impacts of redevelopment. In addition, the Multimodal Plan is intended to serve as a pilot project in order to develop mobility strategies that could be applied Citywide that will support implementation of the Strategic Plan. The strategies recommended in the Multimodal Plan include policies that will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Development Code amendments, and future capital improvement projects. In particular, the proposed multimodal capital improvements will be considered for future Capital Improvement Programs. The CIP projects are proposed in three phases over 25 years.

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