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City of Largo, Florida
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Redevelopment Initiatives

Redevelopment Initiatives

Largo is the beautiful "City of Progress" that Floridians and visitors have come to love. After 108 years of growth, certain targeted areas of the community are in need of various levels of revitalization. The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)  was created by the City of Largo City Commission in 1997 to guide the City and provide direct assistance in it's revitalization and redevelopment efforts.

The intent of establishing the redevelopment districts is to eliminate blight, create a sustainable downtown, encourage economic growth and improve the attractiveness and quality of life for the City of Largo as a whole.

Redevelopment activities are designed to solve the underlying problems of slum and blighted conditions through planning, redevelopment, historic preservation, economic development and affordable housing so that the tax base can be protected and enhanced by these mutually supportive activities. Therefore, the City's redevelopment districts as established under Chapter 163 Florida Statutes, the West Bay Drive Community Redevelopment District (WBD-CRD) and the Clearwater-Largo Road Community Redevelopment District (CLR-CRD), both have unique plans to assist in the revitalization of their areas. To complement the redevelopment plans, the Downtown Largo Multimodal Plan was adopted in 2011 by the Largo City Commission to focus on transportation initiatives that go beyond automobile use.

 The activities and programs offered within the two Districts are administered by the Largo City Commission, acting in their capacity as the CRA Board. The Board has certain powers that the City or County by itself may not do, such as establish tax increment financing, and leveraging local public funds with private dollars to make redevelopment happen. The WBD-CRD is fortunate to have tax increment financing, and the Board oversees the trust funds and annual report for the District. The CRA adopts the annual report after the end of every fiscal year to send to State and local government agencies with an overview of the previous fiscal year's activities and expenditures in the WBD-CRD. Read the 2012 and 2013 annual report.


The CRA Board recently established a new advisory body, the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board (CRAAB), which provides feedback and recommendations to the CRA Board on the programs and activities of the two Districts. The CRAAB meets on a quarterly basis and as needed to review incentive applications, the annual report and more. 

In addition to the redevelopment districts, the City of Largo, in conjunction with Pinellas County's Brownfield Program, established a Brownfield area for the City. The designated area includes the two CRDs and a commercial corridor to the east. Recently, the City of Largo in conjunction with Pinellas County, designated a significant stretch of Ulmerton Road a Brownfield area. The City will continue to review areas within Largo where Brownfield designations can be beneficial to the property owners.

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