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City of Largo, Florida
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Housing Rehabilitation

Housing Rehabilitation

If you've been thinking of a way to repair or improve your home, but have trouble finding the financing to do so, Largo's Housing Rehabilitation Program can help. The program provides low-interest loans to income-eligible homeowners to make improvements to their homes. The City of Largo will determine the approximate costs of the improvements, help you select a contractor and supervise the work in progress.

If it is determined that rehabilitation of your home is not cost-effective, you may wish to look into Largo's "Replacement Program", which provides financing assistance for demolition of your existing home and construction of a new home on your existing property.


Houing Rehab BeforeHousing Rehab After
0% to 2% Interest Loans
Financing may be used for the following types of projects:
Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate in the "Rehabilitation Program" you must meet certain eligibility

Current Income Limits

Gross annual
FAMILY SIZE (number of persons)
Target Area
80% of Median

  • Your gross (total) family income must not exceed 80% of the Federal median household income (listed above);
  • You must be owner-occupant of the property to be rehabilitated;
  • You must have sufficient equity to secure the loan; and
  • The property must be located within the City limits of Largo.

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